Clutter Cam

Clutter Cam provided users a way to keep temporary reference photos and screenshots from cluttering up their Camera Roll.

Frustrated with the clutter in my own Camera Roll, I worked out the design on index cards, then Photoshop, then hired a freelancer to develop it. It found a small following, but subsequent features in iOS reduced its usefulness, so I stopped supporting it.

Find the Puppy

One day I noticed a friend's kid simply swiping the screen randomly while playing a game.

At the same time, I had been searching for a simple app concept to use as vehicle for learning iOS development - and that moment served as timely inspiration for Find the Puppy.

The reaction from friends' kids has been great.


I conceived of the iPhone app Stashpix, and working with my co-founder, took it from an idea to a viable, well-reviewed app, leading its design, execution, and marketing.

Stashpix lets you discover, create, and contribute to stashes of photos that, instead of being broadcast to your friends, are left to be found only by people who are near the stash - at the moment or in the future.

Faux Film

The idea of Faux Film was to let your iPhone recreate the experience of taking film snapshots: after purchasing a "roll" of film, you would carefully take 12 pictures and then have to wait in anticipation for the prints to arrive before seeing the results for the first time.

I chose the name, commissioned the logo, designed and prototyped the packaging, found a printer, and analyzed the business potential. Ultimately I decided it wasn't feasible, but I still love the idea and packaging.

Creatives etc

Creatives etc was my first independent project. I created the site myself by theming and modifying a directory listing CMS, and bartered for the logo and visual design.

It was an attempt to replace a couple existing Chicago-specific creative directories, which were primarily print based. In hindsight, the problem wasn't that the other directories were slow to go online. The problem was that there really isn't a need for such a thing anymore. So, I quickly shut this down and moved on.